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Home Portal
Moved the whole site from testing to the HPi server. This allows us to access the portal when out and about.
Community software installed.
An irc server has been installed to provide a private place to communicate as a group.
Install hybrid and anope.
Enable java policy and install client.
Style applet to suit pages.
Index / Development log & improvments.
This page/site is currently in development. The list below is development notes and a todo list.
Quick Links.
Compile quick links from database
Member database
Password Vault.
Add sites to database
Fix layout issues after submition
Start and end sessions
Re-create the 3ds file
Make login system
Make registration and activation
Finish basic layout and css
Development Log.
Create a log of changes and corrections completed.
Welcome to Home Portal.
You will need an account to use the password vault.
If you've not already registered and have been invited, please use the link below.

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Development Shortcuts
(& Test area)
Site map construction here!